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Where to Post Job Openings for Free


If you own a small business, you might find that posting a job online can be tough. While you might need employees to get your business up and running, you might not have the money to upload job descriptions to premium websites. 


Once you’ve written a great job description, you might be wondering, “Where is the best place to post a job opening?” Fortunately, there are plenty of websites where you can post your jobs for free and get connected to high-quality employees. 


Where Is the Best Place to Post a Job Opening?

Here’s a list of a few of the best free job posting sites:



Craigslist is primarily known as an online marketplace for users to sell items, but there is also a bustling job posting section on the site. 


Users can upload a job easily and quickly, typically for free. There are, however, some locations in which Craigslist charges for a job listing, so before you jump in, make sure to find out whether there are fees in your area. 


Learn how to post your first job on Craigslist here.


Indeed Free

Indeed is a popular job board website that offers a free version of its employer account. If you’re just starting out and just need to get the job out there, Indeed is an attractive option. 


Because there is a lot of competition for jobs on the site, be aware that your position could get lost in the shuffle. To increase visibility, you can buy a sponsored post so your business opportunity shows up more in job searches.


Learn how to post a job on Indeed here.


Google for Jobs

This free service uses AI to increase the visibility of a job posting by displaying it in Google search results. 


To use this service, post the job to your company’s website. Then add job listing structured data and update your sitemaps. When employees search for job listings, your site will appear in the search results, especially if you’ve optimized your description with phrases that qualified candidates are likely to search for.



In the current professional market, having a Linkedin page is essential. As such, there is a large audience of top talent already engaged with Linkedin services. 


Though there are some recruiting tiers that cost extra money, LinkedIn’s basic posting option is free of charge. If your Linkedin network is big enough, you may also be able to reach out to candidates for free. 


Learn how to post a job on LinkedIn for free here.



AngelList is a job posting site that is marketed toward startups and remote workers. Businesses that are looking to enter the tech space can find talented candidates as well as investors for growth opportunities. Employers can also search through candidate resumes for free. This job posting site is best for businesses in the tech industry.


Learn how to post a job on AngelList here.



Relatively new to the job posting site market, Jora is already one of the world’s largest free job posting sites. Jora is based out of Australia but it offers job listings for candidates around the world. 


Jora uses a combination of search aggregation — which means that they pull jobs from other job posting sites — and direct job postings from employers. Employers are allowed to post up to 10 free job listings per month. 



Handshake is a networking site that allows employers to connect with students. Unlike other job boards, Handshake specifically targets college and university graduates. 


Depending on your company’s needs, this may be a desirable target niche. The site offers various tools, such as search filters and employer profile pages, to attract candidates. 


Learn how to post a job on Handshake here.


Don’t Forget About Networking

Don’t forget that networking can also provide you with candidates for employment. Share this article with a fellow business owner and start making connections today!



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