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How to Post to Multiple Job Boards

Posting jobs to multiple job boards used to require logging into several sites and copying and pasting the same job post over and over. Hiring software now makes posting a job to multiple sites possible with just a few clicks and makes tracking applicants easy too.

Symply now offers this functionality in our Hiring App

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Within Symply's hiring app, you now have the option to post to multiple job boards with just one click. With our software, you have the ability to post to the following job boards:

Symply Hiring enables you create job applications & equips you with an  applicant tracking system, making it easy to hire in a few clicks. Try it free  here

How does Symply's Job Board Posting Work?

  • Go to the Job Dashboard and click "Post to Job Boards"
  • Select your preferred job boards from the list and view the prices of each job boards and total cost.
  • Fill in the required fields for each selected job board
  • Enter your credit card and billing information
  • Select the job post start and end dates and preview the job post information
  • Confirms payment information and submit the job post to the selected job boards.

Effective hiring is critical to any business and with this feature you can create a more conscious and structured effort. A strategic approach to job posting is the first step. Then, you can use job boards for sourcing candidates and resumes.


Posting to multiple job boards: The basics

The job ad title

The job ad’s title is the first thing that attracts candidates. Make sure to be specific and concise. Using terms that candidates are searching for is more likely to get them to notice your job ad. Use the correct keywords that will make your ad both attractive and easy to find.

The job description

Pay attention to the job description! Why would someone want the role you're hiring for? What skills and expertise do you need? What will excite the candidate to apply? It’s your chance to make the responsibilities and requirements of the job as clear as possible. Understand the role, be concise and avoid jargon while including the correct keywords. 

The candidate experience

Let's face it. There are more jobs open right now than there are people looking to work. Make the job application process as easy as possible and make sure your job is easy to apply for via mobile phone. Most candidates looking for an hourly job do not even have access to computers, so making sure your application is mobile-friendly is more important than ever. 

Hiring in 2022 comes with new challenges but using technology for hiring is a great way to enhance your hiring efforts and hire qualified candidates quicker and more efficiently. 

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